PSG “strongly support” Neymar after racism claim on Alvaro Gonzalez

Neymar could count on the support of his club as PSG made a press release to bring their support to Brazilian ace as he accused Alvaro Gonzalez of racism in their 1-0 defeat to Marseille Sunday night.

Fourteen yellow cards and five red cards. This is how French Ligue 1 ‘s “Classique” ended Sunday night with Neymar as well being sent off the pitch.

Marseille won a game against PSG for the first time since 2011 thanks to a beautiful finish from Florian Thauvin on a Dimitri Payet cross-pitch free-kick at the 31st minute.

However, PSG failed to find the equalizer and lost the game. But the last few minutes of the game turned to a carnage as Neymar, Paredes, Kurzawa from PSG and Benedetto, Jordan Amavi from Marseille all have been shown the red card.

“The only regret I have is for not being in the face of this asshole” Neymar’s first reaction on Twitter.
Neymar claiming he should not have received the red card.
Neymar claiming he should not have received the red card.

Former Barcelona star wrote on Twitter after the game that he has been victim of racist abuse from Alvaro Gonzalez. An allegation the Marseille defender denied urging Neymar to accept their loss.

However, the 29-year-old insisted that Spanish centre-back is a “racist” and should assume that responsibility.

“VAR catching my “aggression” is easy … now I want to see the image of the racist calling me “MONO HIJO DE PUTA” (monkey motherfucker) … that I want to see! What’s up? REEL u punish me .. CASCUDO am expelled … what about them? What’s up ?” Neymar’s second reaction on Twitter.

After a moment, PSG break the silence and reacted through a statement on their official website.

.Neymar explaining how things went to the referee.
Neymar explaining how things went to the referee.

‘Paris Saint-Germain support Neymar Jr’

“Paris Saint-Germain strongly support Neymar Jr who told him he had been the victim of racist insults by an opposing player.” the highly rated French club wrote.

“The Club reminds that there is no place for racism in society, football or our lives and calls on everyone to speak out against all its manifestations all over the world.

“For more than 15 years, the Club has been strongly committed to the fight against all forms of discrimination alongside its partners such as SOS Racisme, Licra or Sportitude.

“Paris Saint-Germain are counting on the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP to investigate and shed light on these facts. The Club remains at its disposal to collaborate in the progress of the investigations.”

In addition, the Disciplinary Commission will make a decision over the case. And Neymar as well as Alvaro Gonzalez could be suspended for 10 games.

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