Cristiano needs everyone’s help but Messi does things on his own – Kiev boss

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Dynamo Kiev boss Mircea Lucescu breaks into the GOAT debate by revealing the main difference between Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi ahead of Juventus clash.

Kiev will take on Juventus without Cristiano Ronaldo on Tuesday, October 20 (5pm) for their first UEFA Champions league groups stage game. While Lionel Messi and FC Barcelona will host Ferencvaros later at 7pm.

However, if Jose Mourinho snubbed both the portuguese superstar and the Argentine gem, Kiev manager Lucesco tried to find what the difference is between CR7 and Leo.

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Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo.
Lionel Messi vs Cristiano Ronaldo.

According to him, former Real Madrid star needs his team-mates’ help to score goals while 2014 World Cup runner-up can do magic with his diabolic left-foot on his own.

“I’ve come across them many times, but my players haven’t. he said, in reports of The Sun

“They’ll [his players] come across them soon. I have to explain what they’re like.

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“Messi is a short player who is exceptional in tight spaces because of his acceleration, self-confidence, dribbling and all that.

“Ronaldo is a different kind of player because he loves to score so much that he needs bigger spaces.

“He needs everyone’s help, his team-mates’ help.

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Cristiano vs Messi.
Cristiano vs Messi.

“Messi can do a lot of things on his own.

“Ronaldo can work by himself in the penalty area or 20 metres from the area, but he tries to take advantage of the space created by others and he strikes.

“That’s it: they’re different, but they’re both really strong players.” he added.

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